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COVID 19 Response for Preschool Owners & Teachers

COVID 19 Response for Preschool Owners & Teachers

COVID 19 Response for Preschool Owners & Teachers


During this unprecedented time, we know preschools all over the United States have been impacted by COVID 19. Some preschools have had to take additional precautions as they remain open, other preschools have had to make the hard decision to close their doors temporarily, impacting both themselves, teachers, parents and children. We’ve free resources such as mindfulness for entrepreneurs you may find useful to help ground you during this time. We are with you during this time, if there are any topics you’d like to hear about, please let us know at We are ready to create content for you, for free. Take care of yourself and each other. 

COVID 19 Response for Parents of Preschoolers

COVID 19 Response for Preschool Owners & Teachers

COVID 19 Response for Preschool Owners & Teachers


For those parents who are home schooling their preschoolers for the first time, please know our resources are available to you for free as well. To get instant access, simply sign up for free using the links below. We’ve curriculum for preschoolers you can use, plus we offer a mindfulness video and downloadable journal to help you during this time. If there are any gaps in our curriculum, please let us know at, we are happy to create content to help you during this unparalleled time. Take care of yourself and each other.

About Preschool-ology

Preschool-ology is Truly a Meeting of the Minds

Kristin, the owner of Lil’ Scholars University preschool for over 14 years, and Jenna, Founder of SKYWES, were chatting one day about how they’d like to share all of the things they wish they’d known when they were starting out. And so, they created Preschool-ology. A free resource where people can learn at their leisure without having to sign up, watch free videos on a variety of topics, download templates or teacher led activities, planners and more; and yet also give the option of meeting with both Kristin and Jenna, who offer preschool business coaching on any topic of your choosing.  Coaching is available because often preschool business owners would like to chat with someone about their own unique need, such as overcoming, resolving, implementing or planning. 

Whatever your need Preschool-ology Lab is here for you!

The Preschool-ology Lab is for you if...

You dream of owning a preschool.

You want to start your own preschool and you need free preschool resources such as tools, strategies and walk throughs to make it happen. You have the idea, but you need the blueprint so you can execute.

You've started your own preschool.

You've started your own preschool, and you're looking for free preschool resources to help you manage and grow your business.

You'd like access to free curriculum.

As a Preschool-ology Lab community member, you'll have access to free free preschool resources such as, downloadable curriculum planners and teacher led activities for those home schooling a preschooler, a preschool teacher or have a preschool business.

What's included with The preschool-ology lab

Free Getting Started Videos, Templates & Guides

An easy step by step tutorial to starting your own in-home preschool, and a marketing plan template to help you create a preschool marketing strategy & plan. Plus, we don’t believe burnout is the price we pay for success, so we weave mindfulness into our content, and as a bonus include a 21-day series on discovering mindfulness for entrepreneurs.

Free Curriculum Planner & Downloadable Teacher Led Activities

Spring preschool curriculum planner with over 50 downloadable teacher led activities, covering the months of March, April & May.

Free Video & Templates on Partnering with Parents

A course dedicated to spotlighting how to partner successfully with parents and guardians at YOUR preschool (Pssst! This course has a whopping 14 downloadable templates & examples).

Free Preschool Management Resources

Preschool tour planning guide, parent contract & handbook, daily & ouch report, newsletter templates. We also include an actionable survey specifically for preschools, common parent topics with responses, parent communication planner & template.

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